Difference in Grave Marker Materials

by admin on January 30, 2010

A grave marker is a sort of permanent fixture, usually a tribute to the deceased member that can be seen and remembered for an endless time. Therefore, it is essential to give it proper importance and choose a right marker for your dear ones. Just like caskets, grave markers, more popularly known as headstones or tombstones or grave memorials and even gravestones, are another expensive and costly feature of a funeral.

The time that is utilized along with the type of material that is used for creating a grave marker are the factors ensuring durability and customization of each of the grave marker that is created, so that the money invested in building a grave marker, is considered its worth. However, it is advisable to look for cemeteries selling grave markers as a part of their service, as they put a limit to your choice and also prevents one to shop around for grave markers of their choice. Just like other aspects of funeral planning, you are having freedom to make a choice of grave marker according to your or the deceased’s desire.

Before actually planning to shop for a grave marker, it is essential to note:

  1. Whether the deceased made any specifications regarding the type or any specific material of the grave marker?
  2. If you are planning for burial in cemetery, is there any specific guideline or restriction in regard to material or style of grave marker that can be used. There are cemeteries specifying that only stone or metal grave markers are to be placed over the grave, so that they can blush the ground in such a way that they give it more of garden like feel and appearance, while there are others specifying that all the grave markers should be exactly matching to each other or are of similar material, construction and style.

Grave markers can be found in varied materials and styles. Usually, in most of the cases, grave markers are made up of heavy marble, heavy granite or any other identically durable stone material. Grave marker made up of these materials can be personalized and shaped in any way according to the deceased or even your choice, if the cemetery you are planning for the burial allows for its personalization. Heavy granite is considered as the best material for grave markers as it offers extreme resistance to all weather conditions; offers great durability and are also available in varied stone patterns and colours.

Apart of granite and various stone material grave markers, you can opt for markers made out of various metals or even metal alloys such as bronze. You can also opt for marker made of sandstone, however, it is not recommended as it is one of the weakest materials and does not have the ability to withstand various elements and weather conditions. You can find various different materials for grave marker ranging from granite to a sparkling brass plate, whichever you opt; make sure that your deceased loved one would have appreciated it.

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