Headstone Sayings and Inscriptions

by admin on January 30, 2010

Headstone sayings and inscriptions are the common names for an epitaph. It can be an inscription on the tombstone in the memory of the person buried there. It may be defined as a short literary price that has the function of commemorating the deceased person. The selection of headstone sayings and inscriptions is not an easy task. Most of people will chose their quotes from poetry, biblical scripture or even notes. The best way to select an epitaph is to select something from what the deceased person is well known for.

The last stage of burying a person is laying the body or ashes in the vault or ground. Headstone is the last piece that marks the lifetime of a person. The main purpose of a headstone was marking the grave of a person in the past. However, the purpose of headstones changed with time and now it is highlighting and celebrating the existence of a person. The personality and accomplishments of the person will be focused in the headstone sayings and inscriptions.

They can also serve the function of comforting the family members of the deceased person. In most of the cases, they can be unique sayings that are personal to person who died. One of the most commonly used headstone saying is ‘Rest in Peace’.

Many people take the idea for the headstone sayings and inscriptions by taking a walk in the cemetery and reading the different ones used on the existing headstones. However, you will have to put in extra care when you are selecting the saying from another headstone as the selected saying must be appropriate for the deceased individual. You have to keep in mind that the saying will be there above the grave forever.

The main thing you have to keep in mind is that ideal headstone sayings and inscriptions will be short and have a concrete connection with the person who died. A good example for a religious person who was in military can be, ‘loved family, god and the nation.’

Even though, long sentences and phrases are not considered to be ideal headstone sayings and inscriptions, many people nowadays make use of longer phrases. If you feel that a longer phrase can relate more with the person who passed away, you must chooses it as you do not have to look into various factors when you are selecting it. The only thing that should be considered is that it should be thought provoking. The people who are reading the saying must get the right meaning.

Many commonly used headstone sayings and inscriptions will make use of the fact that life can end anywhere anytime. Many people create a headstone saying by selecting a particular theme first and then developing the saying. No matter what the selected theme is, the sating must have a clear-cut relation with the person who died. It should be able to reflect the personality and character of the person. In brief, the headstone sayings and inscriptions should be selected with great care as they are forever.

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